BELTIOS GmbH with offices in Hamburg, Cologne and Munich is an product independent, flexible service company, founded in 2005 and oriented towards the need of its clients. The company supports enterprises from the financial services industry, in particular insurance companies, in achieving their goals. In 2017 consulo GmbH and BELTIOS GmbH merged. The services offered by both companies complement each other optimally  So that after fusion BELTIOS GmbH can  offer its professional strength more powerful into the market.

In 2013, BELTIOS GmbH (Austria) was founded in Vienna to combine the BELTIOS know how and solutions with local market experience of many years in order to support clients in Austria.

Also in 2013, BELTIOS P&C GmbH based in Cologne and Munich was founded as a completely independent actuarial service company for the areas of property / casualty insurance. BELTIOS P&C is owned completely by the partners Dr. Aristid Neuburger, Dr. Knut Schäfer, Torsten Grabarz and Marc Linde.

These three companies form the BELTIOS group, offering sound actuarial expert advice based on many years of experience individually or as a group to its insurance clients in all major lines of business. With about 70 employees, the BELTIOS group is one of the major actuarial consulting companies in the German speaking market.

Our competence is the basis for the success of our services.

  • Solid actuarial expertise and knowledge of business processes
  • Extensive knowledge of the specific communication and information technology used by insurance companies
  • The ability to combine actuarial expertise with knowledge of processes and IT
  • A broad, interdisciplinary knowledge base

We are involved in industry committees and can, therefore, directly follow and co-design current developments.

  • BELTIOS services “Health”
  • BELTIOS services “Life”
  • BELTIOS services “Property / Casualty”


Our clients mainly include: life, health and property / casualty insurance companies; pension funds; reinsurers; captives; and industrial companies.

By focusing on the specific needs of our clients, we are able to support them individually, giving them insight into their projects through a solution orientated approach. In our projects, we always bring in a high level of technical skills, which is the foundation of our professionalism. We also have a thorough knowledge of the processes and IT requirements of our clients.


The basis for our services is the well-founded knowledge from many years of industry experience. For this reason, we place great emphasis on the qualification, training and continuous development of our employees. Our consultants are mostly mathematicians, insurance business experts, physicists or computer scientists. About two-thirds of them are actuaries or actuarial students. Uncompromising customer-orientation and goal-oriented action has shown that, time and time again, we strive to achieve new, high quality solutions for our clients that uphold our exceptional standard of customer satisfaction.


To create real added value for our clients – that is our approach. This is how we want to be judged. We want our clients to profit continuously from our services, confirming that they made the right decision in choosing BELTIOS.

The core principles of our day-to-day business:

The focus is on the client

The client is the main focus of our work, something we strive to improve every day. We quickly and flexibly adapt to the needs of our clients; however, we also consistently question key aspects in order to achieve a good long lasting solution through discussion and joint critical examination of the situation. During this process, we identify with our client’s wishes and requirements.

The results are tailor-made solutions that achieve the maximum degree of acceptance and generate added value for our client.

The individual is important

It is not because of technology, but rather people, that projects fail. In every project, “human error” is the greatest threat to success and the greatest challenge to overcome. The newer and more complex a task is, the greater the risk of misunderstandings and differences in opinion / interests; therefore, it is often the soft factors that result in the failure to achieve a target.

The individual, with all its particularities and the interpersonal nuances of the moment, plays a decisive role in our collaboration with our clients – which is why we pay particular attention to this aspect.


Trustworthiness and sensitivity towards the client’s situation are key elements of our daily work. Integrity when communicating with our clients is one of our core principles.

Superior service

For BELTIOS, every client contract marks the beginning of a partnership based on trust. Our goal is to perform an agreed service at an agreed budget – without any unpleasant surprises for our clients.

By working in cooperation with the client, we draw up creative and innovative solutions. We take into account new approaches and ideas, which are then subjected to critical examinations as part of a comprehensive process.

Our aim is to provide superior services for our clients. Long-term relationships with satisfied clients are how we measure the achievement of our goals.